Spot Removal Tips


Spot Removal Tips

It’s impossible to avoid spots and stains entirely, but that doesn’t have to mean they should stay in your home forever. We have products available at Okanagan Chem-Dry that will help you keep your carpets and upholstery looking great. Make sure you tend to the spot quickly before it has time to set in. The longer you wait, the tougher it is to have a quick, easy stain removal.

First, notice if the stain is a water based stain or an oil based stain. This knowledge will help you to determine what type of product will remove the spot. With some spills, there is excess leftover that is easy to get rid of – for example, a clump of dirt. Remove the excess when possible and then begin blotting, brushing, or scraping what will come off. Be sure to avoid rubbing in the stain, however you go about it. Test your couch or carpet in a small, obscure area to be sure our Professional Strength Spot Remover or Grease & Oil Remover won’t cause any color damage. To keep the blemish from spreading, work from the outside in.

If our products don’t get the job done, call the professionals at Okanagan Chem-Dry. Ask about our highly recommended product called Protectant to help you maintain your carpets and upholstery between professional cleanings.

For large spills, ink stains, and spots caused from items that can chemically damage carpet fibers, please call the professionals to make sure your home stays in the best condition.